Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lazy Sunday? NO WAY!! =D

Here's something exciting! No really, it is... I promise! I've just had the pleasure of being featured in an interview and giveaway from the wonderful Johanna (my new etsy/blogging friend) - we are offering the chance to win a beautiful yellow skinny headband. Its one of my first creations, and an accidental success!

Click here to enter for several chances to win!
(don't you just love that? I mean, it's not just one entry... there are 12 ways to enter! Seriously)

I can't even begin to tell her how excited I was for this, to share such a pretty piece with a lucky person out there! To all of you who enter, best of luck! =)

This whole thing has me so excited, I'm working on more new items to post up in the shop... specifically, I'm working with green, pink, red polka dots, and a rose-meets-ivory lace... not all together, of course! Stick around, there will be lots of new items to see!

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  1. I'm so happy that you're excited :-D

    Your shop is really beautiful.