Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WARNING: Not for those without a sweet tooth!

For whatever reason, I have been having a major sweet tooth! Of course, right when I decide that I'm going to quit the sugar binge, one of my favorite blogs Lillyella had made an AMAZING recipe for mini oreo cheesecake! (Here's the recipe for you to enjoy them too!)
There is no way I could live with myself if I pass them up, and let me tell you, cheesecake is a definite weakness. *sigh* Well, I guess I know what I will be making this coming weekend.

I decided to see what other sweet stuff I could find on Etsy, and some yummy treats (with 0 calories) came up! I hope you like them as much as I do!


Frosting scented Mini Bath CUPCAKE Bomb Fizz Fizzy set of 3




She Loves Cupcakes print (reminds me of my daughter)


Felted Cupcake Pincushion (I personally am in love with this red one listed but not shown in the picture)


Tea Party Ring in Polymer Clay


Darling Little Rose Cake Pincushion


Vanilla Creme print Art of Amy


With Love,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This weekend...

This weekend was a little different for me. Usually I take the time to catch up on whatever leftover work I need to do around the house or my store, as well as work a shift or two at my day job. This time, however, it was definitely an experience not usually had.

I logged on to my blog and found a comment left by Tara Breanne of Tarapparel, letting me know I had a surprise waiting. Sure enough, I clicked on over to find this very sweet and much appreciated award. It put a big grin on my face, and I'm sure it was there for the rest of the day. To know that someone out there likes what they are reading that much just makes me happy! So thank you, Tara, you started my weekend off right!

I then had the pleasure of my cousin coming over Saturday. If I have not mentioned it before, I have a cousin who actually is more like my best friend. She's gorgeous, funny, and well... some days she is everything I wish I could be. She has that beautiful hair that is always in place, the big pretty eyes... ok, I'll stop now. I know you're jealous as much as I am. *heehee* Anyway, she came over and we drove to the beach. It was her & her son, my kids & man, and a friend of his from work. We went to a different beach than I'd ever been to, Oceanside. There is almost no sandy beach, this is a surfer beach! As luck would have it, the guys wanted to surf, both body and board.

The rest of us stayed on the shore, playing in the sand, building castles, and if you were between the ages of 1 & 3, creating sandstorms. It was enough to watch the crashing waves and collect shells.

Although I will confess, there was a point where I realized that I was just dying to jump in those wild waves! Problem: I didn't wear a swimsuit. I thought I would just be on the shore the entire time. It didn't matter, I couldn't say no. So there I was, in a gray flowing skirt, purple tank top, and a sheer grey top over that, hair all curled and wild... and I jumped straight into the ocean. I didn't just stand, I dove into those cresting giants... and I loved it. It may have been crazy and spontaneous, but it was me, and I was happy.

Sunday held some shopping, sushi, and cupcakes! Yum! We went to my ever loved Anthropologie! *sigh* I think that if I won the lotto, I would spend my first month's installment of money there. Its just so beautiful and inspirational! The cupcake place we went to was so tasty as well! Sugar|Tart is amazing, they have different names for all of their creations, which don't stop at cupcakes! They include fruit drinks, smores, and quiches (one is named after me!). Definitely my favorite dessert place! Chandeliers hanging, fresh flowers on every tiny table, velvet couches... I think I'll go there this weekend too!

Anyways, that was my amazing weekend. Thought I would share with you all! Much love


Friday, July 16, 2010


Wow, it has been a little bit since I've updated... guess I'm overdue! Thankfully not too much has gone on.

Where I live, it is HOT! I mean, we had a summer storm and the rain dried up as soon as it hit the ground. It was that hot! Today the clouds have cleared up though, so I'm thinking a bbq and the beach is in order for this weekend! I went last weekend too, and I burned so badly I was red and purple! Ouch! Other than that, just working on my store's next collection to come out in August. I'm very excited for it! There are going to be some bobby pin flowers, as well as a few new necklaces and brooches.

I've been extra inspired by some of my co-Etsy-ians and my ever loved Anthropologie, so I've decided to share some of the beautiful items that are capturing my attention!


Fenced Clematis blossom - Fine Art Photograph (8x10)(Best part? It's part of a buy one get one free sale, and it's in stock!!)


Sweet Roses by Schin 8x12 print (Talk about an explosion of color! Amazing!)


Golden Afternoon - Alice in Wonderland Art Print (Oh I can't begin to tell you how much I love her work!)


I bought these lovely flowers from this wonderful store


Zipper Flower Hair Piece in Peach (Unique design for a zipper, right?)


Florist Measuring cups
(made out of stoneware, they stack into each other, and they are so pretty! I think If I owned them I would bake more!)


Plucked Petals Measuring Spoons made of Bone Chine (even more incentive to bake!)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The July 2010 Collection unveiled!

Yes, life has been busy, but part of that has been working on my July 2010 collection. For this particular selection I wanted to keep some summery pieces because after all, July is the middle of summer, but still know that autumn is just around the corner and therefore include some darker beauties. I also had a lot of people tell me that headbands just aren't their thing so there are now clips to choose from as well! Take a look!

I already have some plans for my next set coming up. Want a hint? Bobby pins... nuff said. =)