Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Just a Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone reading this! It's been an interesting day so far, and since I haven't done a blog lately, I'll do a quick recap -

My last week was mostly spent with my mom. She is one awesome woman, but I would prefer to spend my time with her getting our toes done than I would in a hospital room. She's getting her energy back and is getting on with her new "normal" life. I am proud to be her daughter/friend/chauffeur/personal-assistant/nurse/bad carrier. haha I'm not worried for her, she's going to beat this thing, hands down!

Now that my dear mom is at home resting (who am I kidding, I know she's got her friends over there with margaritas and laughter), I have taken some much needed time with my family. My husband and I went on a date with some friends, and then yesterday we went to the beach. I know, I go there a lot. It was perfect, just laying in the sun and cooling off in the water, my kids collected shells and chased sea gulls. There is just something so zen about it all. This week there was a special summer outdoor market. We bought fresh rainier cherries and enjoyed seeing the street performers and smelling all the food... afterward we walked along the l-o-n-g pier to a restaurant on the end of the harbor and enjoyed some burgers. It was exactly what I needed.

I also had to get used to going back to work. Hadn't been there in a while, and going back was a little weird. I didn't go to my usual department, instead I did various tasks I wouldn't normally be doing. Not bad, I worked with some pretty neat people, just differently than I'm used to. There's a new store coming up, I'm thinking about a transfer... hmmm

My store is getting some nice exposure thanks to a giveaway I'm part of. Feel free to check it out, as it's still going on. There are quite a few ways to enter!
click => HERE Thanks to all of you who have entered already, good luck on winning!

Now that we're on the topic of Bonita Bellita, I'd like to mention that there will be some more variety coming to the store soon, as in before the month is over! I have added some new flower designs that are not currently in my store, and am adding hairclips instead of just headbands. Two small changes but will make BIG statements. Keep an eye out...

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